Laundry Organization Tips | Organize Home Life


    Laundry Organization Tips will make doing laundry so much better.  I have hampers hanging on the wall with labels to aid in laundry sorting.  I love this as long as no one takes them down.  So yes my laundry room is somewhat organized.  Below are some basic laundry tips. Pre-treat stains and check […]

Kitchen Organization | Organize Home Life


Kitchen organization is my pet peeve I have things where I like them and when others put dishes away in the wrong place it makes me crazy.  First remove items from the cabinets, then rid yourself of un-need items.  Decide on where you want to store your dishes, and cookware.  I like to have the […]

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Junk Items | Organize Home Life


Junk items need to be purged from your life.  Do you have storage in your basement, garage, attic, closet, under the bed?  Make a box that is labeled memorabilia, this will the box to keep only the very special items.  If you have boxes and totes that you haven’t opened in years then most likely […]

Inventory of your Home | Organize Home Life

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Inventory of your Home will aid you in the event you have a fire or home theft.   You don’t need to buy a program unless you want, all you need to do is make or download a spreadsheet. Take  photos and videos of the items in your home to keep with your inventory list. […]

Home Maintenance | Organize Home Life

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Let’s talk briefly about Home Maintenance.  We already discussed in an earlier post about checking smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors but we also need to change air filters in the home.  Some people like to do this monthly if they have pets.  I think that every 3 months would be fine for my family […]

Garage Organization Tips | Organize Home Life


Garage organization tips are just as important as organizing tips for your home interior.  The garage isn’t a junk room or a place for the men to toss their tools around to never be seen again. Years ago I broke down and went through all my husband’s many duplicate tools.  I kept only the few we […]

File Storage Systems | Organize Home Life


File Storage Systems keep all your necessary documents organized.  It’s time to purge and organize your files or make a filing system if you don’t have one.  If you don’t have a filing system how easy will it be for you or your family to find important documents quickly in an emergency?  First, keep only […]

Educate Safety to your Family | Organize Home Life


Educate Safety to your family.  Fire Safety, Gun Safety, Tornado Drills, and Earthquake Drills need to be discussed frequently with the entire family. First let’s talk about Fire Safety: Have a fire escape plan.  You need an assigned meeting place outside of the home for the family to meet-up if there is a fire.  The […]

Door Maintenance Checklist | Organize Home Life


It’s time to put together a door maintenance checklist for all the doors in your house, interior and exterior.  Dirt and germs collect on the doors and handles from daily contact.  Adults have dirty hands just like children, don’t assume your doors are dirt and germ free just because you may not have kids. Magic […]