Attic Storage Safe or Not? | Organize Home Life


Attic Storage, should you store items in your attic? This question is usually answered by fire departments as “no”. The reasons are that many people over crowd and clutter their attics that make them a fire hazard. Other issues for not storing in your attic are safety concerns. An unfinished attic may not have a […]

A Mom’s Point Of View: Beginning Adulthood just published!

Beginning Adulthood is the perfect guide for college students.  Moving away from home for the first time is a big step with a lot of new responsibilities.  During this transition in your life, many questions will arise.  In this book, you will find tips on insurance, finance, contracts, purchasing a vehicle, interest rates, home management, […]

My Husband | My Anniversary


Happy Anniversary On this day 25 years ago I met Brian who became my husband 6 years later.  I was only 16 years old when we met, we were young and became fast friends.  Brian and I did almost everything together.  We were best friends first who fell in love and couldn’t think of not […]

Husband | Broke The Zipper


Blogging A to Z in April:  Things my Husband has Broken. When my oldest daughter was younger my husband was rushing to get her off to school one morning.  He put her almost new coat on her.  He grabbed the zipper to her coat and pulled it up quickly.  He was in such a rush […]

Husband | Broke The Yard


Blogging A to Z in April:  Things my Husband has Broken. This event took place in Southern California.  While living in CA we purchased a RV for camping trips and visits back home to family.  The first day we had the RV my husband drove it up in the front yard to clean it.  Our […]

Kidecals Label/Decal Review | Decal Reviews


Review by Kimberly Kay I received Kidecals labels with no expectations of a positive review. Kidecals is a mom and pop shop that specialize in personalized waterproof name labels.  Kidecals has a nice choice of waterproof labels that you can use for school, daycare, baking, canning, electronics, and even laundry. I received 8 adorable t-shirt […]

My Husband Almost Broke the Dental X-ray Machine


Blogging A to Z in April:  Things my Husband has Broken. My husband doesn’t like going to the dentist.  He went to the dentist for a routine teeth cleaning and x-rays.  He wasn’t there very long when they took him back to have the x-rays of this teeth.  The woman took one image when Brian started […]

My Husband Broke The Wall | House Rehab Before and After


Blogging A to Z in April:  Things my Husband has Broken. House Rehab Before and After.  The second house we owned we bought as a bank repo.  The home needed a little work to fix it up.  The one thing it didn’t need my husband decided to do.  There was a short wall between the […]

My Husband Broke My Vizio TV


Blogging A to Z in April: Things my Husband has Broken. One day we were moving furniture  around in our Living Room.  My husband took the television off its table so we could unplug some cords to move it more easily.  When he picked up the Vizio TV he decided to place in face down […]