Shampoo Carpets at Home | Organize Home Life


Shampoo carpets at home twice a year.  I also shampoo my rugs and upholstery on my sofas.  If you have pets like me or even small children you may shampoo more often.  I recommend if you have small children that you buy a shampoo machine for your carpets.  My Rug Doctor shampoo machine was the […]

Reserves Stockpile| Organize Home Life


Reserves Stockpile is something you can do for often used items.  I like to shop at Sam’s Club or Costco for bulk items but you can also try using coupons to stock up on items.  A list of a few items you may want to have in reserves are: toothbrushes toothpaste toilet paper paper towels […]

Quake Kit | First Aid | Organize Home Life


Quake Kit should include at least the following items: Weather Radio Extra Water for all family members Extra Food from camping area of the store Candles Flashlight (crank) Lighter Matches in a waterproof case Pocket Knife Blanket   First Aid Kit should include at least the following items: Bandages Peroxide Q-Tips Neosporin Burn Spray Benadryl

Pillow Replacement | Organize Home Life


Pillow replacement should be done regularly. I try to replace our pillows at least once a year or I decide by checking the pillows firmness.  I noticed the kids pillows seem to need replacement more often than mine, but I use a tempur-pedic pillow so mine lasts much longer than a regular pillow.

Organize Your Life | Organize Home Life


Organize your Life by setting goals and plans.  Here are just a few tips to get you started with organizing your life. write down your goals brainstorm future plans plan vacations with the family 6 months to a year ahead keep a journal of your happiest moments  

No Soliciting Sign | Organize Home Life


  No soliciting signs have always been posted on my front door.  I hate when people come and ring my doorbell to sell me things that I absolutely don’t want to buy.  You can find signs just by doing a google search or you can create your own.  I like the one that says only […]

Mailbox Organization | Organize Home Life


Mailbox organization Do you have several family members who bring the mail in from the mailbox?  Have a basket that is designated only for mail.  When anyone in the family brings in the mail they can place it in that basket instead of random place around the house. See My Post On JUNK MAIL 

Laundry Organization Tips | Organize Home Life


    Laundry Organization Tips will make doing laundry so much better.  I have hampers hanging on the wall with labels to aid in laundry sorting.  I love this as long as no one takes them down.  So yes my laundry room is somewhat organized.  Below are some basic laundry tips. Pre-treat stains and check […]

Kitchen Organization | Organize Home Life


Kitchen organization is my pet peeve I have things where I like them and when others put dishes away in the wrong place it makes me crazy.  First remove items from the cabinets, then rid yourself of un-need items.  Decide on where you want to store your dishes, and cookware.  I like to have the […]

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